Mobile Worker Plus will be part of the BPA panel discussing “The Internet of Things – what is it and why does it matter?” at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena this year. Paul Marjoram, Product Director and Founder of Mobile Worker Plus said “Integrating new technologies and contextual awareness with field workers and operational management is a… Read more »

  The ‘youth of today’ do not know a world where information is not at their fingerprints. Well, and not only the youth of today, but also businesses, especially field services companies. Beyond the obvious benefits of streamlining processes, early technology adopters increased their annual revenues by 15% faster, based on a study, where 4000… Read more »

  Let’s face it, how many kinds of paper are still relevant for our society nowadays? Let me guess: cash (although, with all the electronic transaction options available on the market, it seems that the need for paper currency is rapidly fading) and ‘’bathroom tissue’’? Over the past years most organizations have moved towards paperless… Read more »

  It is said that nothing works in isolation. However, I am not sure everyone agrees. According to the Office of National Statistics, there are over six million people in the UK categorised as lone workers, and they are expected to operate alone every day, in high risk environments, unsociable hours and hazardous conditions. Despite… Read more »