Mobile Worker Plus – Make Work Happen

Mobile Worker Plus is a software company specializing in Business to Employee (B2E) solutions focused on field worker safety, productivity and real-time reporting.  With a strong background in Mobile and Apps we have been working with a wide variety of customers across multiple market sectors since 2005.

We have a mature and comprehensive portfolio of products covering aspects such as lone worker protection – Mobile Protect™, job/task management – Job Dispatch™ and incident reporting – Mobile Report™. All our Apps can integrate with existing 3rd party Apps and/or back-office systems and custom Apps can be created on the fly offering our customers incredible flexibility and control.

Our framework and large portfolio of Apps covers most standard requirements and is agile enough to be tailored to cover any unique business process.  We are committed to continually evolving and working with our partners to ensure relevance in what is becoming a more connected, paperless and automated world.

We always go the ‘extra mile’ to deliver value

Mobile Worker Plus has been assisting large and small organisations understand what their major challenges are and how Apps can help solve those problems very simply, whilst offering significant financial benefits. We don’t speak in technical jargon, but translate what the technology can do for you, how it can improve your business and how it can give your field workers and business stakeholders the right information at the right time.

Happy clients, happy staff, happy business

Mobile Apps not only improve your overall productivity and optimise your resources, but can also help you work much more closely with your customers. An effective App can impact the heart of your customer’s organisation. By providing a greater level of service you can reduce the amount of customer churn and increase customer revenue and referrals. Your entire workforce can make effective decisions, take the right action and move on to the next task.

A future-proof “joined up” approach

Our open framework is designed with both ­field workers and management in mind and equips you with the capabilities needed to deliver a service to be proud of.  Furthermore by working with partners and having the ability to rapidly integrate into external systems we deliver great flexibility, agile services and operational control.  Mobile Worker Plus is an Internet of Things (IoT) ready framework and we are committed to evolving our products and services as technologies change. Please contact us, we’ll be delighted to share our experiences with you.